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We provide granite fabrication and installation for residential and commercial builders, re-modelers, and individual homeowners. With over years of business experience, we at Osdeny Marble & Granite Inc. believe that producing high quality products is a top priority. In order to control the quality of our product, all our fabrication is done in house.

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality product possible with professionalism and integrity, from the selection process through the installation. Our goal is to make the whole experience enjoyable, and to create long lasting value for our customers

Granite: A natural surface that is simple to care for, granite is an igneous stone that comes from volcanoes that are rich in silica. Granite counter tops, granite vanities, and granite tile are one of the most commonly used surfaces in home construction and home remodeling projects. Granite is also used throughout the world in commercial buildings such as hotels, malls and office buildings. Granite is extremely popular due to the magnificent clusters of color that it provides along with its durable hard surface.

There are thousands of types of granite’s available and each one has its own unique pattern and color combination. Granite is ideal for interior and exterior use. For exterior use, acid rain does not affect granite. Granite is especially popular for kitchen use. It is resistant to almost all acids and it rarely scratches due to its hardness.

Marble: There are many types of Marble available and each has its own unique appearance. This is because marble is a metamorphic stone that went through many changes through millions of years.

here are marbles that will provide higher glosses than others such as high calcite marbles and there are marbles that provide a more honed appearance such as high magnesium based marbles. The higher the calcite content, the better the shine you will get.

Furthermore, high calcite marbles provide a reflection with more clarity.


Natural Stone counter tops are an incredibly popular trend these days, but the love of Stone is nothing new. In fact, ancient Egyptians built the pyramids from Natural Stone blocks. Natural Stone has been withstanding the test of time for centuries. These precious stones will bring impeccable beauty and unique style into any home.

When you work with our experts at Rock Cabinets, you’ll be able to enjoy low prices and high quality. Speak with a designer by us today to get started on your own granite masterpiece.

While we show you a list of the most commonly used materials for Kitchens, the selection its limitless, we work with all available stones, including Quartz, Granite, Marble, Onyx and Semi-Precious Stone.


Osdeny Marble & Granite aims for immaculate craftsmanship and superlative quality. We seek timeless style, versatile utility and exceptional durability, and hope to bring that to your kitchen by providing accessories such as sinks, kitchen faucets, and similar items.